All Points is a one stop shop for all your payment solutions. Working with a wide range of banking partners and this choice allows us to provide businesses, like yours with exactly the right banking partner tailored for your individual needs. All Points Payments' provides merchants with a range of payment solutions and services, that are fully PCI compliant & designed to be reliable and easy to use.

Hosted/Integrated Payment Page

All Points can provide a fully customisable hosted payment page to capture customer card details in a safe and secure environment. The customer remains on the merchants page that will securely send the payment data to the servers. The IPP uses responsive design to adapt to the device that your customer uses to pay (PC or mobile). We’ve also designed the payment page to allow the customer to fill out the form with minimum taps. Merchants will also have the ability to save the customer’s card details for their next purchase using our secure card storage facility.

Tokenisation /Virtual Card Numbers

Card numbers can be converted into virtual card numbers on MMS or via a web service interface that merchants can store locally and use as a reference in their communications with us. The virtual card number can be used in recurring payments. Minimizes the risk of fraud and makes payments as secure as possible. Lower cost and risk for merchants and meets PCI DSS requirements.

Pay by Link

Pay-by-link is a simple and ideal solution for merchants that use customised shopping carts. The merchant selects products and/or services in a shopping cart, creates a pay-by-link using MMS, then sends it to the customer who is transferred to our secure payment page to make a payment. This is streamlined processing for merchants.


All Points e-Wallet solution is secure & easy to use . E-Wallet allows your customers to store multiple card details and / or bank account numbers in a secure environment. When a merchant sets up an e-wallet account, they only have to enter their payment data once. After this, the customer information will be stored and protected without the hassle of having to re-enter their payment information. The e-wallet solution enable users to set up and manage personal accounts and perform transactions over the Internet.


AlI Points IVR systems are typically used to service high call volumes, reduce costs and improve the customer experience. For example our IVR services guarantee operation of ParkByText & TaxiPayment 24/7. We support IVR for hassle free payments over the phone and for call redirection to other countries. Confirmaiton of the payment can be sent directly to the customer by either SMS or email.

Direct Carrier Billing

All Points’ direct carrier billing solution, known as (2Bill), allows customers to instantly pay for goods by charging the amount directly to their mobile phone bill. (2Bill) is a convenient payment method with no pre-registration or new software required, but gives another option to the customer during the check out process. Over 90% of all mobile phone payments on DoneDeal are through (2Bill). ParkbyText and Farmers Journals are also avid users of (2Bill).

Manual Recurring Payments

File upload feature sending out multiple recurring payments in a single payment batch to be processed at our end.

Alternative Payments

All Points offers global reach in emerging markets With offering alternative payment methods merchants benefit from a greater international reach, business expansions can be managed faster and more effectively, and new markets can be addressed easily and at lower costs. Users without credit or debit cards are able to participate in online business and new target groups can be addressed by offering local payment methods. All Points Payments offers merchants a variety of alternative payment methods to implement within their online web stores.


Our iFrame solution allows merchants to load or embed an off-site secure payment page within a frame on their website. From the cardholder’s point of view the entire transaction is completed on the merchant’s own website.

Merchant ID

All Points can get you set up with a MID (Merchant Identification Number) via our brokering services. A MID is a unique identifer for merchants and necessary for processing card payments. Please see Bank Brokering for further information.

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