High Volume Merchant Accounts

What are high volume merchant accounts?

High volume merchant accounts are ideal for companies that are processing a large number of transactions every month. They are also a great solution if you sell large ticket items, for example expensive clothes or computer hardware.


By getting approval for a high volume merchant account, you are putting your business on the path to future growth and earnings. You will be able to process large amounts of transactions every month without fear of being flagged for unusual activity. Or you can process high value items at the best possible rates.


If you don’t have the right merchant account for your business, you could find yoursef coming up against multiple obstacles on a regular basis, all of which will impact on your profitability. For example, your funds could be placed on hold if you exceed the transaction limits placed on your merchant account. Your account could also be placed on hold if too much money is processed in too short a timeframe. Worst case, your transactions could be cancelled and vital cashflow lost if your payments processor is unaware of your needs.


By talking to All Points Payments today about your high volume merchant account needs, you are connecting with experts who will be able to guide you and set you up with the perfect merchant account for your business.

What constitutes as high volume payment processing?

Most merchant accounts have a monthly transaction limit of anywhere from $2,000 – $10,000, depending on what the bank and processor agree to. For small businesses starting out taking payments, this is fine, but can quickly become a problem.


Generally speaking, any business that is processing more than $100,000 a month is considered to be in need of a high volume merchant account. That figure can be reached either by large numbers of transactions, or by a smaller number of high value transactions. Either way, if you’re getting towards hitting that figure, it’s best to act now and talk to All Points Payments about the best way forward.


These limits are set in place to help prevent fraud, which damages everyone involved in the chain. Online scammers can sometimes set up a merchant account, and then run substantial charges with stolen credit cards through the account. When the card owners realise what has happened and close the account, and requesting chargebacks, the merchant account provider is hit with these losses. So setting low transaction limits is a way of preventing huge fraud from taking place.


The downside is that most standard payment processors are uninterested in working with high volume businesses. There risk of increased fraud and increased chargebacks is a major disincentive. As well, handling large numbers of concurrent transactions requires additional computing power that many payment processors are unwilling to allocate to one account.

Why you should move to a high volume merchant account

As your business scales, it’s important to work with the largest payment processor you can find in order to protect your cash flow and online reputation. If you choose to stay with a standard payment processor, you run the risk of having your account frozen, flagged, or at worst even terminated. All of which will take time out of your day to try and deal with. So getting a march on the looming problem and creating a solution in advance will potentially save you thousands in the short term.


Working with a high volume merchant account is a way to protect and future proof your business. It will prevent disruptions as your account won’t be flagged because of the number of size of transactions. High volume merchant account providers also have more personable and attentive customer service as your business is of greater value to them than normal. Finally, it helps to stabilise your business, removing the threat of unplanned downtime.

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In order to successfully apply for a high volume merchant account, there are a few forms and proof of ID required. For example, we will need your name, business address, company registration details, tax number, and potentially other documents such as proof of ID and proof of current banking volumes. You will also need to verify your current online or offline presence to prove that what you are selling is legitimate and acceptable for a high volume merchant account.


When you connect with All Points Payments, you will be working with experts who know how to guide you and your business to the ideal high volume merchant account for your business. We will get to know your business and your transaction patterns, and help get you set up with best in class fraud prevention tools. Our developers will also tailor the payments integration to best suit your website or physical payments processing system, depending on your needs.

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