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How Does it Work?

PayBrix is an innovative collection suite designed to streamline the process of collecting recurring payments for subscription based business models. PayBrix makes payment collections easy for both you and your clients by providing simple but effective and highly customisable SMS and email templates with swift “click-to-pay” options. Receiving online payments has never been easier!

Key Product Features:

Why Choose PayBrix

PayBrix Solution

Real-time visibility

PayBrix offers real-time visibility of your payment collections by using up to date intelligent reporting. The system also provides insights into the most effective payment periods for your business. PayBrix is a white label solution, tailored and branded to meet your specific business needs.

More Product Essentials:


PayBrix Solution

Digital Solution

PayBrix replaces costly labour intensive manual process with a digital solution that makes payment collections faster and cheaper. It simplifies the subscription process by increasing productivity and reducing transaction costs.


Set-Up Support

Our support team will provide all the help you need to set-up PayBrix and start collecting payments. We will be at your side, 24/7.

Extra Benefits For Your Business

Extra Benefits For Your Clients

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About us

Sremium Ltd, headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, specialises in mobile remote payments, telecommunications, back office service solutions and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services.We provide our clients the opportunity to leverage our extensive experience in designing and building complete end to end platforms, telecoms infrastructure, payment architecture and system integration.We have been writing best in class software and providing commercial services to our global client base since 2003.

International Customer Support

PayBrix can also provide your business with dedicated customer care and billing representatives, assisting with services including key account management and complex collections.

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